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Exciting news, friends!  I've just learned the experimental sci-fi feature film I worked on, Circuit, has begun making the film festival rounds, already acquiring some kudos along the way.  In Circuit, I play the on-the-beat news reporter who helps to reveal some important information.  (There is a snippet of my improvised reporting at the end of the film's trailer.)

This project is the feature film debut for Boston-based writer and director Andrew Landauro.  It was accepted to the Tenth Annual Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival (RIIHFF)--a subset of the Rhode Island International Film Festival--in October and was awarded Best Picture, beating out more than 250 entrants.  The same month, it screened at the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, a part of Valley Con, a pop culture weekend catering to movies, comics, and celebrity guests.  Prior to that, Circuit kicked off a new film series at the historic Loring-Greenough House in Jamaica Plain, MA.

The win at RIIHFF led to a nice review at Horror 101 and a featured segment in the November 2009 issue of Imagine News, the premiere publication on film, television and new media production in New England.  (The actual page may be found here.)  The production team did a marvelous job acquiring funding bit-by-bit, allowing them to film and produce in segments over the last few years.  Given the relatively slow pace of production and post-production, it's nice to see the final product completed and well-received.  Hopefully there will be more news soon as this film's tour continues!  (Surely someone will notice and remark upon the well-spoken news reporter standing in the middle of nowhere, in brush, in the cold night, in heels and stockings, right?)

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Alex said...

Hey there, Alicia. I was the one who reviewed the picture for Horror 101. Someone your segment didn't make my review! But congrats on the early success of the film. Here's to much more in the future.