Herding Voices

Today I auditioned for a couple of voice over spots. The audition was held at a studio I've worked at before and which I like very much for the professional and efficient standards upheld there. Any other time, I'm in and out in 15 minutes or less. Unfortunately, today's audition was anything but systematic. Because it was organized by an outside party and not by the studio itself, the typical procedures were irrelevant and there was a bit of waiting around. But, I waited patiently, chatting from time to time with friends I saw there and meeting some new folks, too. An auditionee at the casting call introduced himself saying, "Hi. Are you Alecia? I follow your blog." That was an unexpected surprise.

A few of the audition oddities included:

  • not signing in at the regular desk. Instead, we signed in on a separate sheet in the kitchen, where we were corralled by the casting associate.

  • rather than grouping the auditioning talent and having them read a spot together in entirety, each auditioned individually.

  • though the copy had multiple characters and since we auditioned individually, a representative from the casting director's office read opposite us inside the soundbooth in a rather hushed tone. I had to keep reminding myself to speak up and not mimic the reader.

Admittedly, I found frustrating the fact I was asked to prepare all the female parts in the spot only to arrive and be told I would only be reading one. Really? Are you kidding? Why not have everyone read for every potential role?, I thought.

So be it. I read for only one of the characters and I tried to make her as interesting as possible. Secretly, I was disheartened because I had more fun preparing the lines of another. Even so, I was politely complimented on my read upon completion and I hope that bodes well.

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