Vice-Versa Again

This past Friday, I accepted a last-minute audition with good potential. And, again, it turned into a less-than-ideal experience wherein I tried to make the best of the situation. I had been told the audition would be completely improvisatory and I would be playing a customer in a quick-service restaurant. So, I arrived to audition, signed in, and learned there were lines to memorize and that I would be portraying an employee in a quick-service restaurant. (Knowing what I knew at that moment, I would have worn different attire.) And--once more--I auditioned with other actors in the room. So, upon entering the room (and after waiting 40 minutes), I politely paid attention as other talent auditioned before me while silently running through variations of our lines. (We all had the same lines, after all.) I auditioned with the remaining talent watching, providing the most interesting delivery I could muster, and left, irked.

Sometimes I sincerely wonder if CDs understand that giving all the specifics they have to the talent before arriving to audition, as well as providing a top-notch environment for auditioning, could result in high-quality results that may benefit all parties.

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