Haste (and a Clean Toilet)

This morning, while I was in my pajamas and cleaning the bathroom, I received a telephone call.  It was from a number I didn't recognize, and since my hands were a bit damp and dirty, I didn't answer.  Upon returning the call (once the toilet was cleaned), I discovered the number belonged to the line producer of the commercial for which I had been booked, and who was on set and wondering if I could arrive earlier than my call time, which brought up an interesting issue and a revelation:

Needless to say, I was late to set.  I had been as responsible as I could be, calling and sending multiple emails at various times to follow up and check in regarding any information pertaining to the shoot.  Unfortunately, I never received any responses to my inquiries from the parties I knew to contact.  So, I figured something had happened to the production schedule and things were changing.  This was not the case, actually, and somehow the ball had been dropped when it came to contacting me.  (It is nice to note, after my arrival the line producer was reassuring, letting me know my tardiness was not my fault.) 

Thank goodness for Zipcar and GPS!  I was able to reserve a car as soon as I hung up the phone and jump into it a half-hour later.  (I still had to wash my face, put on clothes and make my hair look not so bed-headdy, after all.  At least I had ironed and bagged some wardrobe options the night before!)  GPS helped me get to the set in 14 minutes.  (No, speeding was not involved.)  

To date, today's hair/make-up/wardrobe session stands as the fastest I've ever experienced, with all of it taking place in less than 15 minutes.  The shoot was great, involving crew I've had the pleasure to work with before.  Again, I played a teacher, and I had a classroom filled with professional fifth- and sixth-graders, many of whom fancied themselves 'tween-shot comedians.  I shouldn't divulge too much about the content of today's spot, but know that when completed it will involve bread, a survey and a statesman.  Despite the hasty and harried start to the day, I look forward to seeing the completed spot!

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