I saw this tweet about a contest on Wednesday and thought, What the heck?  I'll enter!  I like Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers, and have enjoyed such music for years, so I whipped up a characteristically campy but completely sincere email message to submit to the drawing:

I clicked "Send" and thought nothing further of it.  Of the hundreds (or possibly thousands) of entries Nonesuch Records could receive, the likelihood of me winning would be slim.  Yesterday afternoon I received what I thought was a standard reply message, encouraging me to visit Nonesuch Records' web site and thanking me for participating in the contest:

I was gobsmacked!  Of all the entries, I had been selected the recipient of the only two tickets to be given away!  So, I'm in New York today, off to a very fun concert and after party, and I hope to have some good stories to share with you upon my return.

It looks like there was a reason I didn't receive a callback today for Wednesday's audition.  But that is another blog entry.

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Amelia said...

Yay! Have fun for Doc and me. We will be thinking of you having a spectacular time while we sit at home watching whatever flick is on the tele... ;) Congrats on such a fun prize, heaven knows you deserve it!

(Thought it funny that my word verification for this comment was "prized")