Making the Intangible Tangible

Last week I had an audition but was not called back.  All worked out well, though, as I happened to win tickets to an amazing performance at Carnegie Hall.  This audition happened to be for a commercial that would be selling an intangible good.  In situations like these, I find interesting the means by which advertising agencies create a brand strategy.  In this particular case, the agency elected to illustrate the product visually using personification.  A current example of this can be seen in commercials for GEICO like this one:

The creatives have taken money--something that is typically handled electronically in today's transactions--and given it some pizzazz.  Some cuteness.  Something you'll remember and want to have.  (Not to mention a catchy song.)

In my audition, I performed an everyday task with the product to illustrate its ubiquitous nature.  Since the personification of the product had not yet been finalized by the agency, my product personified for audition purposes happened to be a teddy bear.  He was cute, but not so much as the GEICO money.  I cannot speculate why I was not called back; any number of factors could have been influential.  No matter: I look forward to seeing the final spot and the ultimate vision of the product.

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