I'll be Your Mouthpiece

Yesterday I worked on another industrial video project with a production team I've come to know.  We have a nice professional relationship now which has resulted in fun times on set and a semi-consistent flow of work for me.  What made yesterday's green screen work different from previous work was the type of role I had been given.  Yes, I was still acting.  Yes, I still had helmet-hair.  Yes, I was still playing a character.  Yes, I still had slightly stilted dialogue to deliver for instructional purposes.  But, in this case I was not acting opposite another actor.  Rather, I was delivering the copy directly to the end user via the camera lens, in effect making me a spokesperson.  I have done such work once before, recording six informational videos for a national computer and IT service provider which shall remain nameless.  It was fun to graduate to this type of service for the client and to learn--after the fact--that they were very pleased with my work.  (It was also fun to learn the producer used to be in a band called The Young Rationals.  But, shh!  Don't tell!)

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