Concise Chronicles

9:23 AM: Quickly removed tights before dashing out the door for the bus. (The tights just looked bad with today's outfit.)

9:38 AM: Smashed my ring finger while closing the wonky door on one side of the Guild Room. Proclaimed a few choice words.

9:39 AM: Warmed up in the Guild Room to find I was in high voice today. (G6, anyone?) Reaching F3 was a peculiar challenge.

10:00 AM: Rehearsed with the Sanctuary Choir of Old South Church before today's performance.

11:00 AM: Sang with the Sanctuary Choir as part of today's services, including selections by Paul Simon, and Jean Berger.

12:20 PM: Found congenial camaraderie with parishioners of Old South Church over Friendly's sundaes during an ice cream social.

12:47 PM: Felt somewhat conflicted that I had to miss out on auditions for a new series by an Academy Award-winning playwright due to the morning's singing obligations. Still hoping the producers might email me some alternate audition times.

4:23 PM: Noted that The Town was again shooting in my neighborhood by observing the various parking sign directions for the cast and crew. (Darn it, if I don't need to improve on my lacking Boston accent!)

4:23:02 PM: Noted the ambiguous-looking person standing next to the parking signage as s/he used the plastic straw from the beverage in-hand to scrape wax from the right ear.

5:12 PM: Realized it has been more than 24 hours since my last tweet.

5:43 PM: Wrapped up this blog entry.

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Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to a friend of mine who was asked (he is NOT a trained actor) to read for Ben Affleck. But, he got so scared that he said the word "cop" as "cahp" instead of the usual "cawp" like a Bostonian. You have probably been trained out of your accent like most actors!Seems as though Hollywood is set on having terrible Boston accents a la Laura Linney! Its their loss! Julie