On the mark?

Yesterday I had another commercial audition. It was exciting to know this one has interesting potential--including travel--for the talent selected. Like most auditions, it is multi-step process, including yesterday's initial audition, a call back or two, and the gig itself (which I'd love to get!).

I was paired up with a nice actor whom I had not met before. We entered the audition room to find a nicely-staged space, complete with a couple of props. (I always give props to props because they avert that unfortunate miming awkwardness that can mar auditions.) There was a natural, professional comfort in the room and we were asked to perform the scene three or four times with direction provided between takes. I like to think of such occurrences as promising signs, but it is possible that every pairing was offered multiple takes.

Was I en pointe with my performances? I don't know. I felt good about what I provided. Hindsight can be quite 20-20 though, and I found myself thinking, Oh, I could have done that! This would have been a good choice. I should have remembered to do X.... As with all opportunities, I try to remember my internal tricolon: I go; I do it; I leave. And I try not to think about them again.

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