Maine Made

Earlier this week was the benefactor of some last-minute casting for a Maine-based commercial.  In this instance, I played the featured teacher in a comedic spot pertaining to an upcoming vote topic.  We shot in a real high school which had just reopened after the summer break, floors gleaming.  Teachers were about, still in summer-wear, cleaning out classrooms and preparing for the return of students next week.  The location had that classic high school character and at times between takes I found myself thinking of cult movies like Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles.

Much of my day was spent dashing in and out of frame and my legs were really feeling tired by the time we wrapped.  My holding area between scenes was a corner of the cafeteria in which the faculty met a couple of times to discuss planning for the new academic year.  Ironically, as one of the meetings was breaking up, a few faculty members approached me and introduced themselves, thinking I was a teacher new to the school.  I had to tell them sadly, no, I was not a new teacher, but I was playing one in a commercial and I sincerely hoped I would represent them well.  I had a great time with the crew and despite the multitude of shots, it was an efficient day.

Here's a quick photo taken between shots of me with friend and fellow actor Kevin Fennessy who played the principal:

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The Cheese Eating Bird said...

Congrats on the gig! I auditioned for the "door bell ringer" in a different spot for the same ad but didn't get it. I'm taking an audition class with Angela Peri this weekend to try and rectify that wrong!