Gettin' on the Horn

A few months ago I recorded a telephony system for a new company and a few weeks ago I did some pick-up work for the same group.  Well, I am delighted to announce...

[A drumroll please.]

...the company and the telephony system have now launched.  [Insert cymbal crash here.]  Yay!  The entity is Gozaic, a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and its focus is heritage-centric and culture-rich travel and tourism.  The web site is an abundant--dare I say it?--mosaic of travel resources, personal experiences and visual excitations from which travelers of all types can broaden their travel horizons.

To hear the accompanying voice over fabulousness, dial:


That's 1-877-694-6924

(I can still hear myself reading those very words in the sound booth!)

So, call 'em up!  Not only is their work super-cool and fun (and it may lead you to some places you never considered visiting either as a vacation or a staycation), but there's a really lovely voice to escort you through the menus.


Anonymous said...
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Amelia said...

I called! I heard it, I mean YOU! You sound fantastic!
Great JOB!!!