Earlier this past week I had a callback audition for a gig with exciting potential: a national commercial for a major retail chain.  I was very pleased to be called back for this second round, which was conducted via satellite feed with some friendly folks in California.

The talent had been explicitly instructed to arrive before 1 PM, with 1 PM being the time when the Boston satellite feed would begin.  I arrived twelve minutes early to discover I was the last of the six of us to arrive and was most pleased to see the nice actor I had read with previously.  Seeing him was an encouraging sign for me, confirming the relatively good feeling I had upon leaving the first audition.

We waited and waited and waited.  In silence.  At 1:30 PM the satellite feed began and it seemed--based on overheard conversation--that the client had opted to go with the New York feed first, which explained the delay.

It was a quick audition for all of us, with each of us waiting in turn for the duration should there be a desire to mix and match actors.  I read last and with the same fellow I worked with before.  Even the agency noticed, remarking, "Did you guys read together before?"  We answered in the affirmative and smiled.

I left the audition feeling good.  The client clearly liked the actor I had been paired with and I hoped that positive input translated to the client liking me as well.  We did five or six takes with direction each time, and a few suppressed snickers were provided from afar as laugh track during our reads.  Funny is good, right?

This audition marks the first time I really felt I was on a team with the casting director (CD).  I knew the CD wanted us to do well and get the gig which, in turn, would represent the CD well and possibly lead to more work for both the CD and for the region.  I truly feel the six of us did our best for the sake of all involved.

The outcome?  The agency ended up casting the entire commercial in L.A.  Seriously, CA, what gives?

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Andy said...

That's too bad, Alecia. Why would they go through all the trouble of satellite feeds, video conferences, etc. just to hire the whole team from their location anyway? UGH!