Print it! (and more)

This week I had a last-minute gig come up, no audition necessary. (Thanks casting director!) The day was rather harried. With four commercials to be shot in one day (I was in one of them), the waterfront location was a bit crazy. While I hung out with the other talent, we got to watch the assembly of two different sets for the shoot, as well as a wedding rehearsal and three different wedding site tours, which were completely unrelated to the commercials. I also took a seaside stroll.

These spots are a first for the company which specializes in online-accessible on-demand printing of a multitude of materials. Each of these commercials will be used in a test market and if things go well then other markets will be added to the media buy. All use comedy and misdirection to grab the attention of the viewer. I got to work with the very funny Walter Mudu while carrying a beautiful, large, and rather cold and heavy floral arrangement. My pecs are sore, but I had a great time. The crew were a professional and lovely bunch, who never hesitated to chime in with laughter and groans where necessary. Beautiful weather, hardworking cast and crew, and a fun job make for a great day.

Oh! I also had an audition on Friday morning for something I never dreamed of: behind-the-scenes features on a DVD. Who knew they audition for those things? I didn't...


David August said...

Sounds like a great day!

Alecia said...

Thanks David! It was a great day and I am very fortunate.