My Favorite License

A few weeks ago while cleaning out a box, I came across this: my Walt Disney World Monorail Co-Pilot License.

From time to time, while working for Walt Disney World Entertainment, friends and family would come to visit and I would take a few days off to "play" in the parks with them.  One of my favorite memories involves a visit by my dad.  During a particular trip by a monorail, we were selected by the pilot to ride in the front cab.  To ride in the front cab of a Disney monorail train is to have one of the best views of the Disney park system.  It's a mobile panorama showcasing the beautiful and innovative planning behind the world's foremost theme park.  (Did you know the entire Disney monorail system was constructed in six months, in time for the 1971 Walt Disney World opening?)  The cab is tiny, so only one or two guests at most are selected for this unique experience.  Hopefully one day, if the timing is right, you too may be plucked from the queue to become a monorail "co-pilot" and receive this special license.

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Mels said...

Fun! That happened to my family once or twice when we were staying in the Magic Kingdom. That brings back some nice memories!