Hands Down?

Last week I had two great audition opportunities: one for a national commercial and the other for a regional spot for a client with whom I've worked previously.

For the national spot, I had one line to deliver.  So at random times during the preceding day I would just spout out my line, no matter the location, ensuring I had it well-committed to memory.  Doubtlessly some passersby may have found me odd.  Oh, well.  The potential outcome was more important to me: I could shoot a commercial with national exposure with a well-known commercial personality!  The audition was a different experience altogether, involving lots of waiting, last-minute knowledge that we were called to audition on the wrong day, and a "group audition" in which all competing female talent were in the audition room simultaneously, watching each other's auditions.  Ick ick ick.  Reflecting on the whole event though, I feel confident in my performance despite the conditions.

For the regional spot, I entered the audition room and recognized the client immediately.  I slated my name and information as requested, providing profile shots and views of my hands.  Since this was a no-information-in-advance audition, I gave the best performances and interpretations I could, applying the direction given between takes, and leaving the room with that I-don't-know-how-I-did notion.

I haven't heard anything about either audition, so I'm thinking I didn't get any and it may be due to my hands.  They're kind of wrinkly.

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