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As noted in a recent vlog, a few days ago I shot a national TV commercial! It was an exciting and educational experience. Upon arrival at the location, we were herded like sheep into a too-small, windowless holding area that felt like 90 degrees in Central Florida in July where we waited for two hours. We were specifically instructed by the director that this particular commercial was secret and that upon leaving the room, in no way should anyone know we were anything other than the roles we had been assigned, nor should we mention anything about a TV commercial or recording or the product. In all cases, we were to act, interact and react naturally and normally. A result of all this secretiveness? I can't tell you the name of the company for which we shot.

Once we got going, the shoot was at times boring, boisterous and entertaining. I made a few good connections, too. After a break for a walk-away lunch (read: no craft services), we spent more quality time in holding before our release for the day. There were no additional shots required.

I think some of us may very well have received some nice face time in these spots. Due to the nature of the spots and the method of shooting, I'll be interested to see the final output(s). When I do, I'll be sure to let you know!

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Andy said...

Secret commercials? How mysterious and awesome! Looking forward tyo updates!