Discurso Defectuoso


Alex Roshuk said...

Alecia, You did your best under the circumstances. Don't beat yourself up over it. At least you had an opportunity to try a few times, when someone calls to hire a lawyer or comes to the office for an initial consultation, they never give a second chance. BTW, when I was living in Montreal bilingual meant speaking English and French.

When I saw your post I though of that and how one American applied for a job in an English newspaper and at each interview they asked him, "So you are bilingual?" And he would say, "Definitely" so they hired him. Finally one day someone started speaking French (or actually Québécois) to him and guess what, he was bilingual, he spoke English and Spanish, not French! Which is what most Americans understand when they are asked that (French and English are both official languages in Canada, it is one of the world's few bilingual countries). They actually fired him for that (that is not discrimination in Quebec)!

Alecia said...

Thanks, Alex! I'm over the audition, but it's hard to accept that my best that day was not my true best. At least the audition wasn't in French! My French is alright, but not nearly as strong as my Spanish.