Call Me Cattle (or, Hoping for a Phone Call)

Yesterday I attended a cattle call for a new Warner Bros. feature project called "The Town".  This will be an adaptation of the dark, heist-romance novel Prince of Thieves written by Chuck Hogan.  Apparently Ben Affleck is slated to rewrite, star in and direct the film. 

Pleasantly, the audition was well-run!  Sometimes these massive calls that screen everyone from all ends of the earth can result in manifest mayhem.  But, there were many assistants on hand, many more in attendance and an efficient queue system.  I filled out the requisite paperwork, picked up the sheet with dialogue and stepped over to the photo location for a quick pic.  Then, I took a moment to review the lines before stepping into another queue.  After waiting only a few minutes, I arrived at a table, handed over my headshot, resume and paperwork to the fellow seated across from me, and waited for instruction.  He asked me to read one of the lines of dialogue and I did just that.  Then, "Thank you."  That was it!  I was in and out in perhaps ten minutes, and I was impressed.  Moreover, I felt good about my read and hope it was strong enough to set me apart from the many hundreds in attendance and result in a call back. 

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