Seeing things clearly

For several weeks I've been having some issues with my eye. My right eye to be particular. You may have noticed in my most recent vlog entry I was wearing glasses. Don't get me wrong, I like my glasses. I think I look good in my glasses and I have worn them to auditions from time to time when I think they suit the character in question. However, most of the time I wear my contact lenses, so having to wear glasses daily for more than a month became a bit tiresome.  I was also concerned about being called in to audition.  What would I do?  Wear glasses?  Insert my contacts and possibly irritate my eye? 

Well, when I did have auditions (such as the recent feature film auditions), I opted to go sans lenses--contacts or glasses--so the reader was just a blurry thing to me.  I don't think they knew.  In only one case did I wear my contacts, but I removed them immediately afterward, hopefully thwarting additional ocular bother. 

Now, my eye is finally on the mend.  After multiple visits to the eye doctor and many, many drops, I'm sincerely hoping things are looking up and my audition worries are a thing of the past.

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