Brushing Up

I've had a recent spate of fortuitous auditions (summarized in Catching Up), but nothing has come of them (so far).  When my schedule allows, I always enjoy taking classes to improve my skills, so I've just begun a multi-week class to brush up my audition skills. After all, a good audition is the key to the door of a job and a bad audition can quickly shut that door. Reviewing the basics is always a good way to remain refreshed and keep ahead of the crowd.

In this case, my class is taught by a prominent, active casting director who knows the difference between what makes and breaks an audition.  Each week, a variety of types of on-screen material are discussed, important factual and interpretive points are touched upon and then technique is rehearsed using on-camera experience with the copy.  It's always fun to watch everyone's video--some are entertaining, some are successful, some are not, but each one is educational and insightful. 

I'd like to note that I'm particular in my class choices.  I prefer classes that are true classes, where information is disseminated, technique is rehearsed, work is reviewed and critiqued, and the class recurs over a regular time period, be it weeks or months.  I do not subscribe to those singular "sessions" with casting directors or, at times multiple casting directors, where one pays money to "meet" various individuals, "gain exposure" or "get advice".  I find these to be a bit scammy on the part of the payee.  For my particular class, it just so happens that it is taught by a working casting director who knows me.  In addition to learning something, this can be a nice way to remind the casting director I'm around, I'm working and my skills are improving. 

Of course, class choices are just those--choices.  It's important to find the right talent-teacher fit.  Each talent has different needs, interests and learning styles.  Knowing oneself and one's goals can be most helpful in finding that match.  Last night's class contained some good points I had forgotten and I left looking forward to getting my assignments for next week's meeting.

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