Bobbing and Weaving

Yesterday I had a voice over audition for a couple of radio spots.  Most of the time, when I'm called in for a voice over audition, it takes place in a studio sound booth.  However, in certain cases (as in yesterday's) they take place in a casting director's office where a makeshift recording studio has been set up.  

I arrived late, which is not typically how I roll, signed in and picked up the copy.  Noting that the copy was written for two voices and observing that I was the only person in the waiting area, I thought it might be a little while before I was called in to read.  I got in about 15 minutes of rehearsal before another talent walked through the door.  Logically, we were paired up and called in to the audition room. 

After our first read, we were given two more takes with very specific direction provided between takes.  We paid careful attention and I think we gave it our best shots each time.  However, there was only one microphone, so we had to "bob and weave" before the uni-directional head in order to reduce the gaps of dead space between lines yet still provide a radio-present delivery.  I found it kind of distracting.  At least cameras weren't rolling.  I'm sure we looked kind of odd.

Upon leaving, I felt unsure about my performance.  I had a good grasp of the copy and messaging, but I didn't feel a connection with my audition partner.  With so much prep time, arriving late may have been to my benefit, but the lack of connection with the other auditionee might have been a hindrance.  Only time will tell. 

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