Another Entreaty

So, it seems "the Facebook movie" based upon Ben Mezrich's book Accidental Billionaires is picking up pre-production steam and key decision-making is underway.  You may recall I recently reached out to Mr. Mezrich, asking for his consideration for a part in any potential Accidental Billionaires film product.  He was kind enough to respond.  Even if not with the desired "Sure.  I'll be glad to see what I can do" comment, I was flattered Mr. Mezrich took the time to tweet.  

Despite this very minor setback, I'm still holding out hope that someone from Columbia pictures (now a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment) will read my blog, check out my website or visit my Facebook page and realize that I would be an excellent choice to call in for an audition and cast in a part. (C'mon guys!  I would be great!) 

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Amelia said...

I think writers should have MORE say in who is cast! In all seriousness, no one in the business would work harder than Alecia!
Hoping with you,