A Rush of Bumness

Today was one of those unusual days where I was experiencing this rush of bumness and realizing an utter failure to flourish.   

I mean, what have I been doing?

Feeling as though I hadn't blogged forever when in reality it has only been five days made it seem as though I haven't accomplished anything with my life.  (Ridiculous-sounding, I know.  It appears even more so when in writing.)  Coming down off the Massachusetts Lottery-Stop & Shop-Film Festival Circuit high has been a bit rough, especially when combined with the busy schedule I have been maintaining as well as the spate of ten days of no singing due to Attack of the Crud.  (Not singing due to illness really makes me a grumpy girl.  It's probably the lack of endorphins.)

My voice seems to be on the mend now, but my breath support has gone out the window.  Thankfully that's only temporary; some études will solve that setback.  I've had some exciting brainstorming about a potential project, which is encouraging, especially when said brainstorming happens without prompt and flows freely forth.  Auditions have been rather slow to come, allowing me time to review goals and targets and strategies, and make future plans.  (Oh, and send out some audition-channeling brainwaves.) 

It's funny--I think this is just a little dip, typical of what many performers experience.  This certainly isn't the first time I've experienced an irrational slump and I know it won't be the last.  Yet when it happens, it seems so real, so severe, so dire and potentially-never-ending.

Perspective.  Breathe.  Focus.  Delight in the journey.  Be thankful for the triumphs. 

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