Give me a fightin' chance

Today I had another audition for a supporting role in a feature film--the story of a family with boxing in its blood.  It was an educational experience, with limited information available beforehand.  The only advance instruction provided described mode of dress and desired style of hair; script sides would be on-site, so "arrive early".  I did so with my interpretation of wardrobe and hair, ready to commit lines to memory.  I'm not sure how well this served me, though, as I left feeling like I'd made an utter fool of myself, providing several minutes' worth of video footage as levity for those viewing the many frames of audition tape.  Nevertheless, I would like to make a few observations for those casting directors who read my blog:

Please help me--the actor--help you.  The more information you provide, the more confident I will be, that much stronger a presentation I will make and, in turn, the better it will be for all involved.

For example, if you'd like me to present character specifics in-depth, I am more than pleased to do so.  If this character is based on a person living right now, I'll be able to provide a more realistic presentation of this individual if I have more than ten minutes to internalize the ten seconds of documentary footage available for viewing.  Could the footage be posted online in advance?  Also, any family and factual history that can be provided would be appreciated (e.g., name, place of birth, names of siblings and parents, experiences).

If you want me to portray a person with a specified career path, I'd be happy to.  However, I just ask that you let me know what this career is before I arrive to audition.  This way, if I have to play, say, a construction worker, I won't arrive in a minidress. All this background information will also be beneficial when it comes to ditching the available sides and asking me to improvise, instead. 

I realize that not all of this is possible for every audition, but please remember that I want to help you succeed as a casting director by giving you my best performance every single time.  It may seem a hassle to pass on such information, but every little bit helps.

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