Dear Mr. Mezrich...

Dear Mr. Mezrich,

This is a little note to say I've just read of your upcoming book Accidential Billionaires, scheduled to line bookshelves on June 14.  Exciting!  It looks like a potentially riveting read with hints of salaciousness, especially fresh off the heels of Bringing Down the House.  True, I would have been great as Jill Taylor in the screen adaptation, 21, but that didn't work out.  However, I see a potential second-chance: the upcoming film adaptation of Accidental Billionaires!

While the book may not please every party out there (not many books do), it's sure to be a scintillating tale visually.  So I'm asking you to please consider me for your acting needs in this next film project.  I'm an accomplished actress with sound technique, a stalwart work ethic, a great personality, a unique look and much talent to book – er, boot.  I'm certain the script may not yet be finalized, but this should never be a deterrent for preliminary assessment of an end-product.  I'm sure the film will be a huge success!  What's more, I already follow Mr. Luketic, so, should you and the production company elect to work with him again, please know I'm very familiar with his techniques, his character and his sense of humor.  Notwithstanding, I've had opportunities to work with several other, well-known directorial names, so I'm a flexible and well-rounded girl.  

For further information and inquries, feel free to email publicrelations@aleciabatson.com.  I look forward to meeting you soon and hearing every detail of the screenplay.

Sincerely yours,

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