No Joke

It's no joke.  At the fitting today there were chickens.  Live, chirping chickens at someone's desk in a box. There was endless chirping music to accompany my multiple clothing changes.  Then, I ended up leaving the fitting in a completely different outfit than I wore there.  True, I had intentionally worn the "audition outfit" as a reminder to the client of what they liked and saw previously, but I had not anticipated having to leave my clothes there.  It's a good thing I brought extra clothing with me!  On the way back from the fitting, the cab driver nearly hit a man delivering a hand truck of cases of beer.  Yes, the man did not have the right of way as the cab's light at the intersection was green, but it was almost as though the cab driver sped up in order to honk on purpose.  He swerved obviously around the deliveryman, cutting off his path through the crosswalk, but not before he slowed to holler at him through the window in his Jamaican accent, "Look to your left!  Look to your left, man!  There are cars coming!" 



Diana said...

Wow, that was one exciting day for you!

Andy said...

Its never dull to be you.

I have to tell you that while I was forwarding past commercials in Monday's episode of "Castle" I stopped suddenly, rewound the show and said to katie, "Honey - look at this! Do you remember who this is...?"

"No...wait a minute...isn't that the woman who played 'Jenn'?"

"Yeah, it's Alecia! Look at that."

It was your commercial for the lottery and we were very happy for you.

Nordo said...

"I'm walkin' here! I'm walkin' here!"

Alecia said...

Thanks! Yes, it was an exciting day. And Andy: I'm glad you guys got to see the spot. It's kind of quick! :)