An Open Letter to AIG

Dear AIG:

Seeing as you seem to have plenty of wealth to distribute and seeing as some Americans (including performing artists) may be facing challenging financial times, I thought I would take this moment to ask you for money.  Not much in the scheme of things, really.  Simply put: as an artist I could function well for quite some time with $60,000 post-tax dollars, no strings attached.  Just think of this as an artist grant that will greatly enrich the cultural quotient of these United States.  Based on what you've been able to apportion in recent days, this amount is only 0.0036% of the $165,000,000 you shared as bonuses.  See?  A mere fraction of the many funds afforded you by hardworking American taxpayers.

This entire bonus amount, $165,000,000, when divided into equal $60,000 grants could actually be used to promote the creative lives of 2,750 American artists, thereby keeping funds in America, fostering American cultivation and motivating our sluggish national economy.  Or halved, these funds could be shared amongst 5,500 American artists, which works out to 110 artists in every state! 

What will these funds do?, I hear you asking.  A sensible question, indeed.  I am an active, established professional working in the performing arts community, as evidenced by my web site and this blog among other things.  These grant funds will enable me to further my own professional development of specific areas such as acting, singing, dancing, improvisation, and other similar disciplines, as well as recitals, concerts, one-woman shows and other like performances.  As a fiscally-savvy girl, I can make these $60,000 last at least five years and I'll be glad to share quarterly budget reports with you that will detail--transparently--where every cent is responsibly spent. 

To learn how you might take advantage of this opportunity to sponsor me as a performing artist, please send an email message to publicrelations@aleciabatson.com with a request for more information.  I look forward to hearing from you. 




Lisa Loveland said...

Alecia - I loved this. I would much rather you and other artists get my tax money. Great job!!

Amelia said...

AMEN--Although I've come up with a solution of my own... No income tax for anyone for a whole year... It's fair, it includes everyone, and talk about stimulating the economy... okay enough of my ranting about this whole AIG debockle -- Again I say-- AMEN

Mels said...

The worst thing about the AIG debaucle is that there are good, solvent companies under the AIG umbrella that are getting dragged down by the parent company's crap. RAH.