No Gift Horse Here

Yep!  It's Wednesday, March 18 (at least where I am it is), and it's swag bag give-away time!

I can hear you asking, "What's so great about this swag bag, Alecia?"  Well, let me list a few of the fabulous items you'll find should you be the lucky recipient of this bag:

I can hear you asking, "Alecia, what must I do for a chance to win this spectacular bag of treats?"  Well, after much thought and deliberation, I've decided you must do nothing!

Okay.   Not quite nothing.

As I mentioned previously, you'll need to leave a comment at this blog entry. Make it funny.  Make it witty.  Make it poignant.  Make it pertinent.  Or not!  One comment per person, please, and keep it clean if you don't mind.  Feel free to encourage others to post comments, too.  I'll use the random number generator at random.org to select the winner based on the total number of comments received. 

It should be noted that this swag bag is kind of Boston-centric, meaning you will best take advantage of its contents if you're in the Boston area (or if you have a friend in the Boston area, or if you win a trip to the Boston metro area, or if you'll be moving to Boston soon).  

I can hear you asking, "What is the deadline for this crazy-awesome give-away?"  Well, I've decided the deadline will be Midnight Pacific Time (which is also 1 AM Mountain, 2 AM Central and 3 AM Eastern) on Thursday, 19 March 2009.  So, comment-away!  I look forward to reading what you write.


Sean Fitzroy said...

I'm commenting! :)
...and I've been enjoying the video updates. Which 48 hour film team are you on this year?

Andy said...

Signed photo of toi?
And so I leave a comment
I want this swag bag.

ellen said...

I want to win!

Mels said...

Thanks for letting me in on the special give away. I am doing the dance of joy because I just solved a major accounting nightmare that ends up giving us BACK $370. Oh yeah, stupid vendors, not only did we pay you, but we overpaid you! Take THAT to the bank.

Diana said...

This is my comment. ;o)

Women Who Win said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Do people in real life ever recognize you from your blog? Thanks for the giveaway! --Michelle, blogattoday (~!at] gmaildotcom

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Free stuff!

Peggy P. said...

I'm just excited for you that one of our colleagues, who was on her treadmill this morning watching the news, suddenly recognized a familiar voice on the television and it was yours — from the recent Mass lottery commercial! I now have a reason to watch the local news. Thanks and congratulations!

John said...

Here's my comment, too! Swagbah, eh? Sounds terrif!

Tricia said...

I'm pregnant!

How's that for a first time blogger? do I win??


Cindy said...

Shoot! I wanted to tell you that Tricia was prego, but I guess I wrote my comment on the wrong blog page thingy!!!! So anyway, here's wishing you the best with all your endeavors!!!

kgagne said...

As your only Digg friend, do I get preferential treatment? :-)