'Net Work

Recently I booked an audition and yesterday I hopped in a cab to go give it my best shot.  The spot this time is for a straight-to-web industrial, showcasing the functionality of a web site's services.  When I walked in I was directed to a very hip conference space (with small windowboxes filled with plastic wheatgrass and galaxies printed on the table) where I found a friend rehearsing the same copy.  (Hi, Margot!)

I had a few minutes to myself to walk about and mumble my lines.  I'm sure some of the folks walking through the conference area thought I was a bit odd, but that's nothing new.  Anyway, after a ten-minute wait I was called in to read.  I had my own copy in hand, but the text was written out in large form on a flip chart as well.  The client asked me to take my hair down.  I'd worn it up specifically and was hesitant to take it down, knowing it would have that rumpled, been-crammed-in-an-updo look.  But, as the client is always right, I happily complied and tried to tame my mane with my fingers.  The read itself went quite well, actually, and I did several takes with direction in between.  The client and I got along well and I think I was able to execute what was desired. 

I'm not sure how I might feel if I actually got the gig.  I've done web work before and one particular video project I have in mind, while a good learning experience, was lacking in a variety of professional aspects and wasn't the most fun.  Nevertheless, I made a new and good connection, and I look forward to see what comes of the audition.

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