Benumbed Bonanza

Earlier this week I had the good fortune to work with Picture Park on a new TV spot for the Massachusetts State Lottery.  The featured game seemed to be Billion Dollar Bonanza and I think the final, edited spot will be quite cute. 

It was an early day for me, with a call time of 7 AM at a location about an hour away.  However, there was another spot for the same campaign shooting before me.  I can't imagine the call time for those guys!  Jean was the make-up artist on set and the gregarious Vern was in charge of wardrobe.  Both made all the talent look first-rate.  

The spot I worked on told the story of a girl driving into a parking garage.  The temperature was rather low in my little, top-down convertible:

Keep in mind that the aim was to shoot a season-less spot five days after a hefty snowstorm.  My character was not wearing a coat and this temperature was registered with the heat on full blast; it was probably colder than this outside, in fact.  (Yes, I know, I know.  As an environmentally-aware individual, I am keenly mindful that heating the world via an open-top convertible is climate-change-enabling.  But I was really cold.)

A few of our shots were rather specific and required a bit of set-up which caused the shoot to run long relative to schedule.  This is one of those from my driver-seat perspective:

I must give props to the team who worked methodically and efficiently to make these shots happen.  What was perhaps the most amazing to watch was the number of individuals who appeared when beckoned to shovel snow.  Yes.  Shovel snow.  They were able to make it appear as though snow had neither fallen nor accumulated.  It was most impressive. 

After filming wrapped, still photos were taken for a prospective print campaign.  I only had a chance to view a few of the captured images, but I hope I was able to provide them with shots that they like and will use. 

Want to see more pics from the set?  There are some at my Flickr feed and others at TwitPic.  There is one cute photo I haven't posted anywhere, yet, as I'm waiting for the TV spot to air first.  Let's hope it comes out soon!  

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Amelia said...

Great pic of you in the mirror too! I wish I were in the area when the commercial comes out, maybe you can post a link to it at some point. Glad it was a good shoot despite you freezing! :)