Three Good Things

Three good things happened tonight while I was at rehearsal:

  1. I received a voicemail message from the casting director booking me for the Massachusetts Lottery commercial.  Yay!  A subsequent call arrived from wardrobe, providing me with instruction on what to bring to tomorrow's fitting.
  2. The director assigned me "Ich folge dir gleichfalls" from J. S. Bach's Johannes Passion, a lovely little ditty I'll sing on March 15.  So, if you will be in the Boston area at that time, come and listen!
  3. I received an email about Fate Scores, indicating early good press.  See that photo there at the top of the article?  A good-looking photo, right?  Well, that's my dear friend Albert prominently featured, but that photo wouldn't exist if it weren't for me.  I took it!  Yay me! (Say, 77 Square: Movies: Blog: what about some credit, eh?) 

Now, all I've got to do is get rid of this nagging, wheezy cough I've picked up and I'll be golden. 


Andy said...

Congratulations on getting the Massachusetts Lottery commercial!

albertmchan said...

Let's hope the commercial runs forever and ever. Cha-ching!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Alecia! Would you let me know if they give you an idea of the calltime at the fitting? I'm on first refusal for BG on it, but potentially may have a conflict. I know there's a snow date, too, so that makes it more complicated! Thanks - Margot (You can contact me via MySpace or FB.)

Alecia said...

Thanks, guys! I appreciate your support. Margot: I'll let you know if I hear anything about call times.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alecia! All set! I got booked (the only female out of 6 extras :)) & got my calltime already. See you there! ~ Margot

Brian said...

Congradulations on your selection. Hope all goes well for you