Rest is Best

It is undeniable.  After a few observations about the state of my throat, I can say with certainty that I have Attack of the Crud.  My voice sounds not unlike a frog. 

The timing of this mucosal blitz is rather inconvenient, as I have an audition tomorrow, I will be singing selections from Mozart's Exsultate, jubilate on Sunday, and I have a big audition coming up.  So, to combat this untimely assailant, I'm opting for complete vocal rest today along with an assortment of the following:

  • hot tea
  • steaming
  • gargling
  • napping
  • water
  • vitamin C

My outlook is positive and my fingers are crossed that I can knock this off in a day, or so.  Wish me luck, please.  I really need it. 


Anonymous said...

Bad timing. You have a busy weekend. Good luck with everything. I confess to being an anonymous fan who enjoys reading your blog. I like your positive attitude. Knock 'em dead this weekend!

Andy said...

I have no doubts about a full recovery. Good luck, Alecia!