Pushing my way in.

Yesterday I had a callback for that Massachusetts Lottery spot I auditioned for. I must admit, I was shocked to receive one. However, I showed up yesterday, outfit on, headshot and resume in hand, ready for more miming.

Though I arrived on time, I actually sat around for 45 minutes before being called in, which gave me a chance to chat with friends in the waiting area and review the competition (most of whom I knew). As with other auditions, I was the only one that looked like me. Colleagues who auditioned before me came out of the audition room offering a smirk, a roll of the eyes or a shrug of the shoulders, indicating they too had that Who knows? feeling as had I after the first audition.

Going into the room, I knew the client was present and I had prepared myself to showcase the best car miming I possibly could. So, of course the first thing the client asked of the casting associate was, "Can she do the 'push" one?" The "push" one? What's the "push" one? Well, it turned out to be another spot I had not reviewed nor auditioned with the first time around. Briefly, the action was described to me and I then spent what seemed like ages pretending to be stuck at an imaginary door, pushing it. I pushed in all capacities. I pushed with my hands. I pushed with a shoulder. I pushed with my butt. I pushed with a leg. I sounded constipated on occasion. I feel fairly certain in saying I made some odd faces. There was an occasional chuckle from the client. When requested, I also did my car driving actions, even humming along with my imaginary radio. During all of this, I did my best to follow the direction as given. Then, like others, I left the room feeling not unlike a trained monkey and having no idea how I had done or how my actions had been received.

I resigned myself to the idea that I wouldn't get the gig and went on with my day. Then, just a few hours later, a casting associate called me to say I was the client's first choice and asked if I would agree to first refusal. Well, of course I did! I couldn't believe it! I was the client's first choice! I'm trying not to get too excited just yet because I haven't been officially booked. However, if and when it happens, I will be so very happy.

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Michael said...

Good for you! Miming for the win! I hope that you get the gig, my friend.