Indie Attempt

Yesterday evening I auditioned for an independent feature film.  I was looking forward to the audition because I enjoyed the sides that were provided in advance: the script seemed to be well conceived and the storyline appeared to be well edited.

Upon arrival, I found a friend of mine waiting to be called into the audition room.  She had been waiting for nearly 40 minutes beyond her audition call time.  My eyes grew wide upon hearing this, but tardy can be the way indie film auditions are conducted.   Eventually she was called in and before I knew it, it was my turn--but only after a wait of about 15 minutes.

I had been asked to prepare two characters, one of whom I indentified with in a variety of ways, and the other whom I loved for her extravagant ditziness.  The latter would be so fun to do but I'm fairly certain I won't be cast in that role, if for no other reason than my hair is not blonde.  In the audition room, the parties present were relaxed, fun and friendly.  I did a couple of takes for them and tried to address the points as directed.  Overall, I felt I was as sincere and truthful as I could be with the characters.  I wish them well on the casting of their project (and hope that I am in it)!


Diana said...

Hey, what are you saying about blondes?

Alecia said...

Dear, dear Diana. I am saying nothing about blondes, per se. I simply reported about the character with which I was presented. :)