Do we have a winner?

Yesterday I auditioned for yet another lottery commercial.  Those of you who know me know I've already racked up spots for the Maine and Vermont lotteries.  (I once auditioned for the Connecticut lottery but didn't get the spot).  This particular audition was for the Massachusetts lottery.  I think I've made it a goal to do a TV spot for every lottery in New England and I'd love to be able to add the Massachusetts feather to my lotto cap.

This particular spot was another one of those unusual ones: it had no dialogue, meaning the communication had to be all visual, physical action.  I was requested to arrive dressed in a "business casual" style.  So, I wore what I like to think of as business casual: a relaxed wool pant and collared blouse.  I looked as though I walked out of The Office.  Well, once I skimmed the description of the spot I was a bit concerned about my wardrobe choices: I was supposed to be driving a snazzy car like a convertible, or something.  Immediately I thought, Oh.  I don't look like I belong in a sharp-looking car.  What can I do?  Thankfully I had my sunglasses with me, so I popped those on and put up my hair in an attempt to disguise my carefully-planned outfit.

What I don't feel confident in is my car miming.  I don't feel confident in my miming, period.  I'm not Marcel Marceau.  I'm an actress.  I need a tangible item or object with which to interact.  I did a couple of takes with some direction before each one and mimed and reacted the best I could.  The woman behind the camera said, "Oh, I liked that one."  I hope she meant it.  I am really not sure how things went.  It can be so hard to tell with these types of auditions!  Oh well.  What's done is done.

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