Call me Drug Dealer

Yesterday I auditioned for another industrial video.  It may seem as though I audition for many an industrial video and I do, in a certain sense.  Other parts of the industry are running on the slow side currently and industrial videos are a relatively consistent form of employ, though perhaps not providing the most dynamic of characters.

My character this time was a pitchwoman for a pharmaceutical company conversing with a medical professional about the status of a (fictional?) drug in current trials.  Sound dry?  It was, kind of.  My scene partner was most fun, though.  The client, who was in the room, was polite if reserved and the CD ran an excellently ahead-of-schedule ship. 

I realized--after the fact--that I inadvertently gave diabetes to the patients in discussion.  One of my lines mentioned decreasing blood glucose levels, but in reflecting on my two takes, I realized that in the second take I had substituted the word "increase" for "decrease".  Oh well!  I can only hope the shade of alluring huskiness still present in my voice swayed the client when it came to my ability to sell this medical product--real or otherwise.

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