A week ago I sang the Allegro from Mozart's Exsultate, jubilate as part of one of the services at Old South Church.  After having had a brief stint with Crud and not having sung the four days immediately preceding, I was quite pleased with my performance and looking forward to my big audition later in the week.

While I feel my performance wasn't perfect (some of the onsets were not clean), after four days of not singing and hardly talking I thought the outcome was adequate and could not have been much better given the circumstances.  There was a low-quality audio version of the performance available at the Old South web site that I listened to as part of my preparation for the big audition so I could recall how I felt during this performance  The recording is here if you want to listen as well, but place the slider approximately here to find the Allegro:

(Keep in mind this mp3 is optimized for podcasting and voice, and not music; you may have to turn up the volume.)

Well, I think I'll need to be content with this performance because I was not happy with my performance at the big audition.  But that is another blog post.


Diana said...

How beautiful your singing is, Alecia. You're so lucky to have such talent!

Alecia said...

Thank you, Diana. I have a good time singing, so I'm glad to be able to share it with others.