(To) Where I am going

It's not uncommon for people to inquire, "Where are you going with this, Alecia?", or, "Have you considered living somewhere else?"  Many days even I wonder, Alecia: where are you going with this performance thing?  I have to say, I don't really know. 

Commonly I answer that I am considering other physical locales as a base of operations, such as New York City, LA, or even Shreveport, Louisiana, which has a booming film industry, but that I want to have a justifiable (and perhaps quantifiable) reason to relocate and, in the meantime, I want to continue adding value to my résumés.  

I'm not sure this is a great answer.  In some ways I feel kind of aimless, but yet there is this compulsion from within to do, to create, to perform.  It's a bit enigmatic, really.  Like any well-founded business, it is important to have an established operating plan to follow that will take the entity from Point A to Point B.  And I feel as though I have a plan, but that it isn't always clear-cut.  Maybe my physical location should be part of the plan. 

I mean, what is a career?  It seems to me a career is defined by the types of employment that are offered and accepted: roles, parts, gigs, and the like.  Could my location govern my employment?  Yes, I suppose it could given the number of projects, shows and opportunities an area has to offer and can support.  It would be more difficult to create a fiscally viable entertainment career in Texico than in Toronto.  But a career is also defined by time spent in a profession.  Does time spent in pursuit count? 

Life is about the journey, right?  And not about the destination? 

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David said...

Life is about the journey to the destination. The more goals you pursue, the larger and more rewarding your journey will be. Good luck!;)