More than helpful

A few days ago, I was hired for another industrial video gig that is slated to shoot next week. I've worked with this group before and they're quite a fun bunch, but I know I'm in for some green-screen helmet-hair. Last time I played "helpful Rebecca" who was skilled in her telemarketing techniques and coached another individual on how he might improve his leaderboard standing. Who will I be this time? I don't know; I haven't gotten my script, yet. (I'm pretty sure it won't be "helpful Rebecca".)

I realize this isn't an historical drama, but it is work and it is helping me get to where I want to be (vague, though, that destination may be). I still believe Masterpiece Theatre will be calling me in the near future.


Whalehead King said...

The destination is always vague. We all end up where we are supposed to be at our appointed time.

I don't mean to be gloomy by hinting we're all just food for the worms. I mean to say that you are working and plugging along and that is what makes life and dreaming worthwhile. We live for the future whatever it holds. In the meantime we pay our dues and hone our crafts. Keep plugging away, Alicia. Doing well is more than half the battle. You are keeping up your end.

Nice job and good luck.

Andy said...

So, if you had your choice of ANY role that could be found on "Masterpiece Theatre" what would it be?

Whalehead King said...

Alecia, it takes me forever to upload your page. I would like to blame comcast but I think it is all the widgets you have. If you find these worthwhile, I don't begrudge you them but I am clicking on all sorts of stuff before anything shows up to get something to happen. Digger seems to take the longest to upload.

I usually end up far away, which is fine since there are other things I can be reading on the internet, but I thought you should know that all your embedded things may be inconveniencing other people, which isn't something I think you want to accomplish here.

With a (non-internet-savvy) handshake,

Alecia said...

Thanks, WK! I haven't had any slow issues, but I'll look into testing this site on a few platforms and then making any changes that might speed things up.

Alecia said...

Hi, Andy--

I would be happy with any role Masterpiece Theatre wanted to give me. :)