And all without an umbrella.

Today I worked on the industrial video I was cast in. My character was frustrated IT support professional Sonja. As I mentioned before, this is a fun group, and today was no exception. But the pressure was on, as I had overheard it stated that three days' worth of shots were being compressed into two days. So, I knew I had to be on the ball.

My wardrobe planning worked out brilliantly, if I do say so myself. I was asked to bring a few changes for consideration, but I opted to wear the one I felt most captured Sonja, IT professional, in the hope that I wouldn't have to change clothes. And it worked out!

For the green screen shots, I also achieved almost-helmet-hair status with the help of the hair and make-up artist. (Those little ones are so difficult to keep down!)

Once I was called in, this was my view from the set:

Yep. That's a Teleprompter you see. I was off book when I came in, but because this was a direct-to-camera shot, they wanted to use it. So, I did and was wrapped in three takes. Nice!

The most tragic news of the day is that my favorite umbrella broke. It broke! In the midst of the terrible weather the pole just snapped--and without wind! It was tragic and I was wet, but overall today was great! I look forward to doing more.

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