The long wait

Ten days ago I had a second audition for the role of a train commuter in a television commercial. The commercial is slated to shoot in about a week, but none of the actors have heard anything, yet. Or, at least I haven't. We're all still on first refusal. (Or at least I'm assuming all have elected to stay on first refusal.) Essentially, we're waiting. I sent an email inquiry today to see if the casting director knew anything about where things stood with this particular spot. This is the response I received:

"Hey! WE are still waiting to hear!! WE will let you know [sic]"
Okay. So the casting director is waiting, too. And is possibly busy and in a hurry. It was great that I received a response, though. The casting director could have just ignored me.

I realize that patience is a virtue, but I must admit I've never been the most patient of girls. I'm a "now" kind of girl. I prefer to learn/know/do/discover/complete with immediacy! But, for now, I wait with immediacy.

I hope I get it.


Andy said...

I hope that you get it, too.

Maria V said...

What Andy said.

Margot said...

Hey Alecia! Heard anything new? Considering the fitting was supposed to be tomorrow, I'm thinking they've already booked people or they're pushing back the shoot date! In the past though, my experience has been that MT has usually called to RELEASE me from FR, when the decision had been made to go with someone else. I've never had to wait this long!

Margot said...

Hey Alecia - sorry you didn't get the call. I DID Friday morning, but for background, not principal, so I had to say no. Because I waited so long, I didn't bother asking my Emerson students to reschedule their shoot for a film I was cast in BEFORE the Amtrak audition & callbacks. Could've used the $, but the demo reel footage will be valuable as well, & I got a direct booking off Model Mayhem for a print job right after I got the call from MT! So I'm thinking the Universe is saying I made the right decision. :)