I want to be HIP!

Several weeks ago I submitted my materials to the well-known Handel and Haydn Society for audition consideration.  The Handel and Haydn Society is world-recognized for its historically-informed performance (HIP) practices and recordings.  I auditioned for the group once before, several years ago, when they were seeking substitute singers.  However, for whatever reason, I was not selected as a sub.  Perhaps they didn't like my sound at that time.  Perhaps they weren't seeking sopranos.  Perhaps they thought I was terrible.  Who knows?

Auditions for the ensemble are typically held in the winter, with audition assignments handed out a few weeks in advance.  This year, it seems to be taking awhile for these assignments to be distributed, though.  The group has always been good about keeping its applicants informed regarding the various stages of the process, but perhaps they have many more applications to review this time around.  I suppose it's also possible I haven't been selected to audition at all.  I would be sad if this were the case, but I keep hoping the organization is just taking its time to carefully consider the potential of every singer that has applied.  I think I have a good look and a good sound, and I would contribute well to the group.  But as before, its possible they're not seeking sopranos (we are about a dime a dozen), or any number of other possibilities. 

In the meantime, I'm sending out HIP vibes.

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Anonymous said...

That's funny. I always thought H&H auditions were in September. That's when mine was ... though that was several years ago.