Good Credit

Yesterday, a former choir member of the Old South Church Sanctuary Choir emailed me with a screenshot he'd captured a week ago.  Apparently, he was surprised to find my face on the WCSH6 weather page.  I was surprised as well!

This turns out to be a screen capture from a TV commercial I worked on a few years ago for the Maine Credit Union League.  The Credit Union League website has a wider image of the same shot under the "Find A Maine Credit Union" link:

Don't I look happy to be using a Maine Credit Union?  I think I do.  And, in fact (and if you're interested), they've got the whole commercial up under the "I Saved" link.  I hope people who check the WCSH6 weather forecasts online feel as though they, too, would be happy to use a Maine Credit Union.  I'm sure they're great!

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Michael said...

Seeing your commercial made me smile! And I really believe that you saved!