Traveler trouble

For those of you who have noticed, indeed, work on the audition front has been slow.  Why, you ask?  Well, the economy is down and things are kind of complicated with the unions at the moment.  Here is a summary of recent events: 

Negotiations broke downContracts expired.  There has been infighting.  There has been bickering betwixt unions.  There are rumors of a strike.  A federal mediator has been requested and chosen.  Basically, it's a big mess. 

So, today I was quite pleased to have an audition for a TV commercial--the first audition I've had in weeks, I should say.

I arrived to find a gaggle of folks in the waiting area, which was more than I had anticipated.  I signed in and made myself at home reading The Economist.  (After all, I was auditioning to be a train commuter.  Commuters read things like The Economist, right?)  Periodically the casting director would come out and say things like, "Okay.  Bob: you'll be on the phone.  Devlin: you'll be drinking coffee.  Cory: you'll be fidgeting and bump into Devlin.  Rusty: you're the conductor.  Everyone: come with me."  And the small flock would make its way into the audition room, introducing themselves to one another along the way. 

Come my turn, the CD came out and said, "Okay... Alecia: you'll be reading a magazine.  (Convenient!, I thought.)  Elton [an alias]: you'll be working on a computer."  Elton and I proceeded into the audition room and were given additional brief direction, after which Elton opened his laptop and there was much spontaneous talking--from the computer.  As he fumbled failingly with the volume he explained that he hosts a radio show and that his friend, lender of the computer, must have been listening to it.  A forced quit didn't work.  The mute button didn't work. Tapping of various keys didn't work.  The gabfest between hosts and guest continued.  (Perhaps because it's a Windows machine?  Ahem.  I digress.)  For about a minute Elton tussled with the computer.  The casting associates looked on perplexedly.  I tried not to laugh.  Eventually, the computer was shut down and the conversation ceased.  We were able to enact our scene as calm, dignified commuter rail travelers as directed without further interruption, electronic or otherwise.


Cyndee said...

BUT -- did you get the job??? :)
Good luck!

Alecia said...

Oh, cyndee--

It will be a few days before any of us knows anything about the outcome of the audition. Thanks for the good wishes! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)