Thoughts on opening night

I tweeted throughout opening night last night, but I thought I might provide a sampling of the thoughts that went through my head while the show was occuring:

  1. Hm. Have those guys always been standing there holding the drape?
  2. I wonder how full the house is?
  3. Gerry sounds great tonight. Flic flac!
  4. This entrance always makes me antsy.
  5. Michèle is doing fantastic!
  6. I love that evil laugh by Gaétan...
  7. Gosh, I wish the stagehands could quit dropping things! I'm sure the audience can hear...
  8. This is going rather well...
  9. Wow, the time has flown; I can't believe it's over. What was the new curtain call?

Oh, and there is also this brief but nice review by the Boston Globe.

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