This Thanksgiving I am grateful to be fortunate to have had several career-building opportunities this year, including:

I am also appreciative to have friends and family who are supportive of me as I pursue this crazy path.  Thank you! 


Melinda Roth said...

Not everyone is having the success you are in the industry. That's a great line-up there. It would be interesting to read you most memorable moments. But have you thought of Radio Connection for your readers? Or have you considered mentoring? Radio Connection takes someone who wants your line-up and trains them under a professional while they get experience watching you work on real projects and they get help locating jobs with a career coordinator http://www.radioconnection.com (Not to mention the freebies/connections)

Alecia said...

Hi, Melinda--

I appreciate the note and the suggestion. I had not heard for Radio Connection but I will look into it. Thanks!