Picture this!

Recently, at one of the Boston Lyric Opera dress rehearsals of Les Contes d'Hoffmann, Boston Globe photographer Josh Reynolds was hovering about backstage, prolifically photographing nearly everything that crossed his path: people sitting in hair and make-up; chorus members primping one another; ASMs doing final checks; supers reading the newspaper; techs reviewing cue sheets; props being set; wardrobe making adjustments to costumes; costumed singers making adjustments to wardrobe; spike marks being moved; entrances; exits--you name it, he probably photographed it.  What happens backstage at a larger show like this one is an amazing orchestrated feat.  The number of people and objects in motion backstage at all times, the management of timing, the nearly foreign language of the cues, the audible communications--it's really another show occurring simultaneously with what is transpiring onstage.  Think, perhaps, of Noises Off

At one point during the first half of Act II, whilst in the wings, I ducked into the prop room stage right and quickly began to drill my nostril with an auger of a paper towel.  (My nose was running, you see, and I couldn't afford to smudge my golden façade by blowing.)  Mr. Reynolds followed like a bird of prey encroaching upon the final minutes of a dying animal.

Noticing his approach, the large claw of a flash in his left hand, I looked to my right, tissue up my gilded nose, eyes large, and I said half-begging, "Please, don't take a photo of this."

With scarcely a moment of thought, astutely and intelligently he quickly quipped, "I came back here so you could see I wasn't going to take a photo of you."  And he didn't.  We both chuckled.  I thanked him grinningly.

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Joe said...

Thatsso funny Alecia, but seriously,I think he might of been hitting on you also. LOL