Last Night

Last night:

  • was the final performance of the Boston Lyric Opera run of the Doucet/Barbe production of Les Contes d'Hoffmann.
  • was the last time I had to be swathed in cold, gold body paint that sounded--during application--not unlike a small puppy licking my face.
  • was the last night I had to spend 30 minutes removing flaky, gold body paint that had drifted to parts undesired during performance.
  • I realized the amazing beauty in the living art that is opera--singers, artists, musicians, technicians, stagehands coming together out of a desire to create a sentient, mobile, audible medium that can only be appreciated to its utmost live, in person and in a theatre.
  • I vowed (to myself) to seek more work with fun, talented, friendly people like those I met in this show.
  • I believed I could actually resume a busy singing audition schedule--and win auditions.
  • I pledged to make this last night only the first of many.

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