Yesterday I did double-duty, with a voice over audition in the morning and a callback in the afternoon for the train commuter audition I had last week.  

The voice over audition was a trial to get to--I took the MBTA.  Clearly, I should know better by now, but I still like to hope that someday the T will be timely.  Despite my 60-second tardiness, which should have been 15-minute earliness, the guys in the studio at Rumblestrip were unperturbed.  The copy I was handed fell along the typically college-cool lines I've come to know and enjoy.  Tristan was great and I had the opportunity to give two reads, each slightly different.  And, in the world of great news, I received a call today that I'm in the running for the spot!  The client will review the finalists and make the ultimate decision.  While I'll probably find out tomorrow if I'm selected, I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  But it sure would be fun to do this spot!

I found the callback I attended in the afternoon rather unconventional.  The audition was conducted via video satellite feed with the client observing from another state.  In the waiting area I found a hoard of auditionees, many of whom I knew, including Elton from my first audition!  I was happy to see that his computer troubles had not hampered his chances at the job.  With my trusty Economist in hand, I entered the audition room as requested along with three other individuals.  We all played dutifully docile train passengers together and in only a few minutes the audition was over.  I don't know if I'll get the gig--I don't know what the client is seeking in terms of talent.  I can say with surety, based on those I saw there, I was definitely the only person there who looked like me.  While at the audition I received the following generous comment:

"I've been in this business 28 years and you've got a great look."
If I take away no job from this audition, at least I've got this positive input to tide me over to my next gig and the knowledge that my look can't be all bad.


Mels said...

I am crossing my fingers for you!

Michael said...

Grats on the VO gig!