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So, as some of you may have seen, I got the voice over gig!  Yesterday I spent some time at Rumblestrip recording the copy.  This session covered a series of regional spots for Bay State College, which I didn't know much about.  However, since they liked my college sound I got to learn more about the school and meet some nice folks in the process.  The studio was more crowded than I was used to, but everyone was friendly.  In attendance were:

  • the freelance writer

  • two guys from the ad agency

  • two people from Bay State College

  • Tom (the engineer)

After some handshakes all around and a quick perusal of the finalized copy, I stepped into the booth and Tom and I worked on the levels.  In a little less than half an hour we had all spots down and rough cuts of each one hammered out.  Playback after the quick-edit is my favorite part, I think: getting to hear the prospective final version; which wilds were used; which take was preferred.  I learn a little more about me and about the profession each time I get to work. 

One of the things I like about voice over is the casual nature of the profession.  I still get to be the professional me I enjoy and everyone outside the booth (in most cases) is professional yet laid-back.  It makes work fun! 

The rumor is these spots will be making their debut sometime next week.  I'm not sure on what stations they'll air, but once I have the final versions I'll post some samples here.

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Maria V said...

Congrats to you, my sister Muse!! If I hear the spot on my radio station (WFNX) I'll let you know. And I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that you get the commuter gig as well.

With affection - Maria Dance Muse